Company Overview

Established as a custom tailored suit company in 2008, Aspetto Inc. took the market by surprise by adding new meaning to quality and customer service. Growing continuously, the company had freedom to embark on a new business venture that would separate them from any domestic or international enterprise. After an extensive research and receiving aid from Renegade Armor, Aspetto created American Armor Attire; a bullet resistant clothing company.

American Armor Attire by Aspetto Inc. was established with a simple goal in mind, to produce an everyday product that provides protection. AAA has created products that our consumers can use in their everyday lives while giving them a sense of protection. With today’s Global War on Terror and domestic terrorism,

AAA is focused on making garments that are not only wearable, but also affordable. The “bulletproof” clothing has received attention from different news source such as The Fairfax Time, The Washington Post, The Freelance Star, and The Armor Report. We are proud of our ballistics, which are made and integrated right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


10950 Pierson Dr. Suite 500
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Office: (202) 239-0232



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